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Rug Yarn & Knitter's Bulky

The core spun yarn maker was initially used as a way to process the lesser quality fiber, such as the apron/britch, upper leg, and neck from alpacas. After the cottage mills started experimenting, we have now come to offer other types of core spun yarn.  These are the softer rugs, table runners, yoga mats, and pillow tops from the finer fiber from either the hip/shoulder or the blanket.  It is a great use for your older animal's blanket fiber.


Your fiber needs to be at least 3 inches long.  The courser and shorter the fiber, the more waste you will have during this spinning process.

Core  Rug Yarn          2 wraps/inch

$18.00/lb price with cotton core included

Core  Rug Yarn          2 wraps/inch

$20.00/lb price with woolen core included


Use nicer type fiber for our Knitter's Bulky: blanket or nice hip/shoulder  

Knitter's Bulky           3 wraps/inch


$20.00/lb price with cotton core included

Knitter's Bulky           3 wraps/inch

$22.00/lb price with wollen core included

We do not use a jute core for our Core Spun Yarns as we feel this harsh type of plant fiber will eventually cut through the nicer animal fiber from the inside-out, after weaving it into rugs or saddle blankets.

Our handwoven rugs made from core spun rug yarn

Dyed bamboo fiber was added during the spinning of the core spun for just the cost of the bamboo. Call for bamboo price.

Speckled Yarn was dyed after the spinning @ $20.00/lb.

Knitter's Bulky yarn was vat dyed first and then spun using at least 4 different colors.  Dyeing fee is $12.00/lb

Natural colored fiber in solid and gradated colors.  No extra charge for making the variagated core spun.


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I am attaching two articles which will help every fiber breeder.  One is for wool and the other is for alpaca/llamas.   It has helped many fiber breeders to prepare a better fleece for mill processing.  

Wool:  http://www.icelandicsheep.com/Winters_work.htm This is from Tongue River Icelandics and is very good!  Scroll down to "Procedures" at the bottom of the page.

Alpaca/Llamas:   http://www.shadyhaven.com/harvest%20fleece.htm  This is from Vanessa Kessler's wonderful website.  What makes a good fleece for either show competition or for sending to a mill to be spun is the blowing of dirt and hay from the fiber before shearing...  I shear my own alpacas and this also helps to keep the clipper blades sharper for a longer length of time. Your shearer will thank you. 



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