Pet Yarn

Custom Handspinning of Your Pet's Fur


Canine, Feline, Rabbit

Custom Spun! Hand spun yarn from 100% pet hair or blends can be made from your pet's fur. Your yarn can be spun into a wonderful 2 ply yarn.  Fingering, sport, or DK weight yarn is priced at $25.00/50 yds for spinning.  Please enclose a pre-deposit with your raw fur.  

If you want to blend with a commercial fiber, I suggest a combination of 50% merino wool, 25% silk, and 25% bamboo. A 75% pet fur with 25% commercial fiber, as above, makes a beautiful yarn.  I will supply it at current market price at the time it is added to your pet's fur. You will be contacted with the amount due before shipping.

My turn around time is approximately three months, based on a 5 oz amount of harvested brushed fur, shipped from you. (You can ship as much or as little of an amount as there is no minimum amount for processing.)  

Your finished yarn will be hand steamed to set the twist, washed, twisted into skeins, and tagged with the exact yardage/weight.

Hand dying is possible upon request for an additional $20.00/lb, solid color and $25.00/lb for hand painting.

Please email me at so I may answer any questions you may have and to share with you the best way to package and ship to me in Montana.

I have been hand spinning for 30 yrs and in this time I have spun many types of fiber/wool/fur. I have also won many ribbons at fairs for my nice hand spun yarn. I am also the owner of Going to the Sun Fiber Mill and have processed many types of fiber/wool, such as alpaca, wool, qiviut, camel, bison, and from the dog family.... German Shepherd, Poodle, Australian Shepherd, Caucasian Mountain Shepherd, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Great Pyrenees, Huskie, Samoyed, Border Collie, and Wolf.... and from the cat family... Maine Coon Cat, Persian, and Himalayan Cat.


Gretchen Finch wearing her knitted shawl, spun from her corgi.



Mary Coghill's knitted headbands made from yarn spun from her  Caucasian Shepherd Mountain Dog


Ed and Diana Knouse will be crocheting a throw from their Persian cat's fur.



Going to the Sun Fiber Mill  2007