Current Photos Are Towards The Bottom

Grandson Troy is feeding Jean Acquino's Angora goat at the 2006 Northwest Montana Fair in Kalispell, MT.

Our daughter, Shae, and Dr. Lyle McNeal.  Shae helped as Ring Steward during the 2006 Kalispell Fiber Fest  where Dr. McNeal was the Fiber Judge. 

Thank you Dr. McNeal !

Ann Keenan and her champion cashmere goat.

Hey!  Where's the food bucket?

Isn't he beautiful !!  

  Mohawk was born on Jan 7th, 2006 and was a very big suprise to everyone!   He is half alpaca and half llama.  He is called a huorizo or a paco-llama.  He is so smart and entertaining and..ALWAYS IN TROUBLE.

peek a boo

Are you my MAMA?

You ride......... and I'll push !



Mohawk's favorite food.. my roses !!

Shae with her 4-H project.  Annie won 2006 Grand Champion Halter Class.  Shae will be taking Annie again in 2007 as a  4-H breeding project

Steve Rolfing, Shae, & Annie

Joyce Keeling with Angora goat & Shae with Angora bunny
Rick Prestbye with Shetland ram



Jean Acquino & Casey
Riley and sheep
Val Hogan and her Shetland ewe

Both the camel and the alpaca are from the same genesis

Scott with two of the camels from the Duetsch Ranch in Fairfield, Montana


Patty Everheart was the 2007 Llama/Alpaca Judge at the NW Montana Fair

She is shown at right.

Daughter, Shae with Annie and new baby during the 2007 NW Montana Fair.

  Grandson, Hank with his mini llama, Magic at the 2007 NW Montana Fair.
Left:  Diana with Annie at the Lakeview Care Center in Bigfork, Montana.  The Bartell family, below, helped at the Lakeview Care Center.

Going to the Sun Fiber Mill 2007