Special Processing

Bunny Wool: $5.00/lb for washing.  $55.00/lb for carding into batts.  $65.00/lb for carding into rovings.  *We do not machine spin pure bunny.  Hand spinning is $8.00/oz from rovings.* $5.00/lb for blending with another fiber. $15.00/lb for 50/50 blend into rovings.  $45.00/lb for 50/50 bunny/other fiber into a 2 ply fingering/sport yarn.

Spinning of Pet Hair: We offer hand spinning of your pet's combings.  It will be in a 2 ply lite sport weight.  Our cost is $30.00 for 60 yds of finished yarn. (included is washing, carding, spinning, plying, setting the twist)

Hand Spinning: We offer you the soft spun texture only created by hand. Bulky to Lace in singles, 2 ply, & Navajo ply. $7.00/oz for most fiber.

Blending: $6.00 /lb per pass thru the carder for all wool, mohair, alpaca, and llama.  Fiber intended for yarn may need two passes to get an even blend of color and texture, depending on the type and color of fiber used. We use Ashland Bay combed merino top or merino/tussah silk top as our mill "blending wool".  It is a superior product that adds a great handle and value to your finished product.

Dyeing: $20.00/lb for solid colors.  $24.00.lb for multi color dyeing.  Cushings dyes used. Please call for more info.

Hand Picking/ Skirting: If your fleece arrives full of “Vegetable Matter” and etc; there will be a $10.00 per pound hand picking fee.



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